Dan Katō(Lover)


 Nawaki(Younger Brother)

Hair color


Eye color

 Light Amber


 Iruka Umino
Kakashi Hatake



Tsunade is the principal of Konoha Gakuen,as well as a supporting character of the series.


Befitting her role as the principal,Tsunade cares about the history of Konoha Gakuen.She often shows a tough demeanor,and she will try her best to quickly stop a fight.After the death of her lover,she developed hæmophobia,but she as able to overcome this fear.She is very caring about the students,teachers,and everything that lies in Konoha Gakuen.She also posseses a very terrible luck,as she is addicted to gambling,especially sake.


Tsunade is a fairly tall, light-skinned woman with light golden-amber eyes and straight blonde hair. Her hair is waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing both sides of her face. As a child, she had it tied in a high ponytail. As an adult, it is usually tied into two loose ponytails.She wears glasses as well.

In her youth, the appearance she normally takes, she had a slender yet noticeably curvaceous frame. Despite being known as flat-chested in her childhood, she now has a rather large bust; 106 centimetres in circumference, according to Jiraiya.Her beauty has been pointed out several times and she's been called the most beautiful woman in the world by several characters.