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Sai is a supporting character of the series and a student at Konoha Gakuen. He is friends with Naruto and Sasuke, as well as Ino Yamanaka 's boyfriend and, according to Sakura, one of the most popular guys in school.


Sai is sort of a pervert, always going on about men private parts, something Naruto dislikes him for, and going on at how Sakura's breasts have gotten larger, which results in Ino comically beating him up. However, he enjoys his friends' company, and often hangs out with them.He is typically kind too, another of his key traits. When first introduced, Sai was distinguished by his total lack of emotion which he often masks with a false, cheerful, yet transparent façade.

Like Sakura,his friendship with Sasuke changes too.At first,they appear to be normal friends,but when Sasuke left the group,he,like the others,decided to never communicate with him,nor even mind him should he ever return to them.His relationship with Ino is also complicated.Ino tends to beat him up,only when he shows his perverted side.


Sai is easily characterized by his pale skin, which contrasts his dark hair and eyes. He wears the Konoha Gakuen uniform, but in other appearances his outfits vary, although they generally involve black clothes. When he went to Ino's "date" in Chapter 2, he wears a black shirt with matching pants.


Ino YamanakaEdit

Being Ino's boyfriend,they have a very close bond.They are often seen together,but,however,when Sai would get to his perverted side,Ino comically beats him up.Ino is also friends with Naruto thanks to that.They always fight.Seems Ino hated and loved him.

Naruto UzumakiEdit

Despite his apparent dislike for him due to his perverted side,Naruto dislikes Sai,but,he is a bit close to him.He typically calls him an "idiot",due to his perverted personality.

Sasuke UchihaEdit

Altough they have very little interaction,they were friends,and when Sasuke left the group,he began to hate him,as Sakura and the others do.

Sakura HarunoEdit

They have shown themselves to be pretty close,as Sakura compliments him on his paintings during the exhibition.She usually respects him,as he is Ino's boyfriend.But sometimes Sakura always went too far.

Hinata HyuugaEdit

Little interaction is seen between them,but they are pretty good friends as well.


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