Madara Uchiha



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Chapter 5


Head of the Uchiha Family
Police Officer






Itachi Uchiha (Nephew)
Sasuke Uchiha (Nephew, adoptive child)
Fugaku Uchiha (brother or brother-in-law) (†)
Mikoto Uchiha (sister or sister-in-law) (†)

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Kabuto Yakushi

Madara Uchiha is the current head of the Uchiha Family. He is Sasuke's uncle, as well as his tutor. He seems to be the main antagonist of the series.


As every Uchiha, Madara has black hair and black eyes. His spiky hair falls on the left side of his face, leaving only his right eye visible. He has quite a few wrinkles, indicating he is a bit old. He wears what appears to be a police jacket, with the Uchiha symbol on the back. 


Madara is a mean, cold person, and he is willing to even break the Uchiha apart to fulfill his plans. Even though his plans are yet unknown it is clear he is a very careful person, as he sent Itachi to the USA and is planning on doing the same with Sasuke, since the brothers might be a nuisance to his plans. It is suspected he was the one who sabotaged the Hyuuga and Uzumaki deal, an inccident which resulted in Minato's and Hizashi's death.


Sasuke UchihaEdit

Sasuke is Madara's nephew and has been under his tutelage ever since Fugaku and Mikoto's death. Madara was the one who supported Sasuke, although he tended to avoid expressing his feelings which contributed to making Sasuke as cold as he was at the beginning of the series. An example of this is the day of his parents deaths, when Madara told Sasuke to stop crying, since men didn't cry and therefore he shouldn't cry. Madara was the one who sent Itachi to the United States of America, which caused the bond between the brothers to break. However, he never told this to Sasuke.

Itachi UchihaEdit

Itachi hates his uncle Madara ever since he sent him away to the United States of America, due to the fact that he was underage and Madara seemed to need him out of the country. By doing that, Madara tried to cut Sasuke and Itachi's bond, his reasons are yet unknown.