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Konoha High School is a fan doujin based on the world wide franchise Naruto, it is mostly based on the second ending of Naruto Shippuuden and the OVA Shippuu! Konoha Gakuen Den! . KHS was first released on DeviantArt by an artist named Damleg , it was in spanish with english translation on the images' discriptions.

The doujinshi is discontinued by the original artist due to receiving insults for her art. But another artist SakuraH-07 is continuing it in both english and spanish. However,Damleg has been slowly continuing the series with her newest chapter posted in 2014.

An english translation of the work was done by Onihikage


Antonieandy , a user on Youtube, is animating the KHS series. The first and second chapters were already animated.But,however,due to heavy school work,it is unknown if the third chapter is going to be animated. The opening song is Uruwashiki Hito by Ikimono Kagari, and the ending song used is A little pain by Olivia Lufkin.


Even though it's not supposed to have any interaction with Naruto's plot at all, there are moments that are direct referral to moments on the original franchise. Examples are: Sasuke calling Sakura annoying, Naruto stating he likes people like Hinata, Lee sending Sakura love hearts, Hinata hiting Naruto in the forehead, etc.