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Sasuke Uchiha (Kissed, briefly dated)
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Sakura Haruno
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Kohana is a young woman and secondary character of Konoha High School. She is an old friend of the Uchiha and Sasuke's first enemy.


Kohana has beautiful, long blonde hair which she usually keeps tied up in a small ponytail, however she was seen with her hair loose on Sasuke's flashback and on her cameo appearance on chapter 4.

Kohana Westbrooke

KHS Kohana - fan art

She's about Itachi's height, her eyes are light blue and her lips usually present a soft red lipstick. There are small freckles underneath her eyes which characterize her. Sasori comments that she is quite pretty on her first appearance.

Her outfit consists on a white strapless top with a flower on the top centre, a small sweater on top and jeans, held tight with a black belt. She carried a pink purse on her first appearance. On the Hyuuga Company arc, she changed this outfit for a black dress.


Kohana is around Itachi's age (about 19 - 20), she is definitively older than Sasuke as it was shown on his flashback that she was two years older than him. However, she is determined and stubborn, as seen when she tells Itachi that she wont give up on Sasuke even through Sakura had already won his heart. This characteristic makes many compare her with Karin. She also has a tendancy to hug Sasuke unexpectedly. Her personality hasn't changed since Sasuke last saw her, she is also daring and easy-going as she is when the series began.


Sasuke UchihaEdit

Kohana was Sasuke's first enemy. They had a short relationship some years prior to the beggining of the series. Since he was so young, when Sasuke learned about Kohana cheating on him, the inccident caused Sasuke to become egocentric and cold-hearted towards others. Only Naruto, who was already Sasuke's best friend at the time, and later Sakura managed to break the barriers he put around himself. After Kohana's betrayal, she disappeared for quite a some time, and when she returned to see Sasuke, he was already in a relationship with Sakura, and managed to shake the couple. Sasuke utterly refused Kohana's "proposal", and after his fight with Gaara, he apparently decided never to see her again.

Itachi UchihaEdit

Itachi and Kohana seem to get along well, as the Uchiha was obviously pleased to meet her in the streets of Konoha and she greeted him quite happily. However, when she revealed to him she was only returning for Sasuke, Itachi warned her about Sasuke's current relationship with Sakura, and how much it was affecting him. He didn't seem surprised when he eavesdropped on Sasuke's conversation with Kohana where the boy refused her return to his life.


Her formal crush.


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