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History teacher at Konoha Gakuen




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Kakashi Hatake is one of the teachers at Konoha Gakure high school, where he teaches history. Many consider his classes boring (Ino among them).


Kakashi appears as a young man around his thirties, with silver-gray hair which always covers his left eye. Except from his right eye, his face is a mystery to everybody, it seems no one has seen it before. At the beginning of the story, he usually wears a white shirt, a black tie and trousers, but on the return to class arc his outfit changes, he now wears a black sweater on top of his shirt and stopped using tie. Also, his left eye is now visible, revealing a scar around it.


Kakashi's personality isn't exactly shown, but we can infer he is a quiet and easy-going man, and he seems to enjoy teasing Naruto with his low marks and the fact that he never studies to tests.He also speaks rather lazily,but is not above protecting those dear to him.


Preparing for the examsEdit

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Kakashi's first appearance.

He is first introduced in chapter 1, discussing history and announcing that exams weren't too far away and everyone should start studying. Naruto mentions he's got everything under control, yet Kakashi replies that he should say under zero, same nunmber as his marks, a joke Naruto didn't like at all.

Kakashi is later seen in chapter 3 alongside Iruka when Tsunade caught Naruto after his fight with Neji, yet he didn't say anything in that occasion.

Return to classEdit

Once classes restart, Kakashi is seen again with a very difficult test on his hands, although Sai later


Kakashi staring "creepily" at Naruto

comments it wasn't really that hard. Naruto screams that he had forgotten all about this test, even through Hinata had warned him about it, which makes Kakashi stare at him creepily,making him remember Naruto was on the last year of school.

Later on, Kakashi can be seen together with Iruka interrupting Naruto and Sasuke's fight, holding down Sasuke.